Sunday, 20 February 2011


Ok, I'm being a little cheeky and nicking an idea from the always lovely Violet LeBeaux and doing a post of random pics that I've got sitting on my laptop. Mostly, because it's 8.26am and I've not slept. Again. Oops.

Thomas Jack & Olivia, two giant pieces of my heart. You can't help but giggle loads when they're all over you, constantly hugging and having fun. I miss them loads and demand a Glasgow visit soon!

Sitting still for a picture was never gonna be easy with us three. Mama tried in vain for a *nice* picture while us three sisters were together (an occurrence that's sadly rare since we live all over the place!) So she got what she got, and me, Lyndsay and Jaime Leigh got sore tummys from laughing so hard :D

And here's mama! I love this picture, even though she'll no doubt complain about some flaw only visible to her (and Lyndsay when she'll in a bitchy mood Which is often! :P) But I don't care, its a lovely picture of Grandma and LivvyLoo :D

Hong Kong across the road from my nephew's school? In rural Wales? Colour me confuddled!

My awesome & inspiring friend Sandy and her equally awesome & inspiring son Isaac, my ickle sister Sara & her obviously amorous daughter Grace! I'm a very proud auntie to both :D

I went to a gig last night (some pics below) so thought it was a perfect excuse to break out the falsies and the free sample I received from Sugarpill from my last order. I put the Goldilux on dry, and only needed the TINIEST amount altogether, blended up to the crease line and switched it up to a Barry M lilac. I think the sample alone will last ages, but no reason not to buy the real thing! :D

Echo-Bass! Echo-Bass! Echo-Bass!
Going to an Echo-Bass gig is a guaranteed pick me up. I grew up with the majority of the band and the group of us that support them, so going to a gig is almost like going back to those not-so-innocent days for a night! 

I always think that even when they are playing the instruments, us fans are part of the performance. We sing along, bop up and down and bust the dancefloor. People there for other bands sit up and take notice of the sheer power the band and fans have. I go to as many gigs as I can, but no matter what, when the planets align and EVERYONE manages to make it - carnage of the best kind ensues!

Echo-Bass! Echo-Bass! Echo-Bass!

Hugo is getting so big! I've been told by mama dearest to take more pictures of Hugo since he's the only grandchild I'll be giving her :P 

My Love. He hates this picture, says he looks tired. But he was, so I don't care. Tonight we're off to see Rob Zombie, the last thing we can treat ourselves to until I bully a job out of somewhere. I'm fighting hard to get back on the job market, but until then we're *just* covered, so I'm taking the fact we're not gonna struggle for the basics as a win. It's still a sucky situation, but we're still a damn sight luckier than most. Together we'll smash through and get back on track. If for no other reason than I need disposable income for make up and shoes! :D 

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