Friday, 28 January 2011

The Most AMAZING video on the internet #Egypt #jan25

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A Plea

A letter I received forwarded earlier from a fb friend, Dawn Hunter - this is the best way I could think of to get it out there. Take 2 minutes out of your life to try to save someone elses. Thank you.


Dear friend,

All Out members deliver letter to Home Secretary Theresa May's office this morning.

Keep the pressure on!

We're down to the last hours to support Brenda Namigadde - a Ugandan lesbian scheduled to be deported TONIGHT from the UK. We talked to her yesterday and she was very upset - worried about leaving friends and family and the danger she will face living as a targeted lesbian in Uganda. It's a terrible position to be in, but we made sure she knew that thousands of you all over the world are standing up to stop her deportation.

When we started this campaign, very few people were paying attention. Now more than 35,000 people have sent our letter, drawing major internaional news stories and building pressure on Theresa May to do the right thing.

We're having a huge impact, but we are running out of time. If you have a minute, please spread the word to more friends and family now:

Here's a quick picture of what's happening right now, with your help:

This morning, our friends in London delivered a giant copy of the letter in front of press to 10 Downing Street, the home of the UK Prime Minister.
Our campaign has grabbed the attention of The Guardian1, the Advocate2 and some of the biggest and best known blogs in the world.
That coverage has started a spiral with everyone from the New York Times3, London's Metro4 and the BBC5 picking up Brenda's urgent story.
A senior member of the US State Department told us he would take up the matter and discuss your letters with the UK ambassador this morning.

It's working. The pressure on Theresa Mays is building. But the home office has still not changed its deportation order and our latest information is that Brenda's flight to Uganda via Kenya remains scheduled for tonight. Please, add your name and spread the word:

All the best and All Out,

Andre, Jeremy, Joseph, Tile, Wesley and the rest of the team at All Out

All Out is bringing people together in every corner of the planet and of every identity - lesbian, gay, straight, transgender and all that’s between and beyond - to build a world in which everyone can live freely and be embraced for who they are.


1. Ugandan lesbian awaiting deportation fears for her safety

2. A Ugandan Woman's Desperate Plea

3. David Kato, Gay Rights Activist, Is Killed in Uganda

4. Battle to Save Ugandan Lesbian Facing Death for Being Gay

5. UK based lesbian says she is not safe in Uganda after the death of a gay rights activist

Monday, 17 January 2011


I'm currently typing this with a hot bath waiting for me and beautiful colours swatched up both my arms. I'm knackered and want to get clean and cosy and read some until I pass out.

But first, I wanna show off a little.

A couple of weeks ago I finally placed an order to Sugarpill - a company I've heard nothing but fantastic things about, in terms of customer service, prices, and mostly importantly the supreme quality of product.

For those not in the know, as it were, Sugarpill was created by the lovely Amy, who has been a fun and all round awesome presence on the tinterwebs for a zillion web years, creating deliciously loud and sexy clothes from vintage threads, trading under the name of Shrinkle, and selling Kryolan as the perfect partner to her trash kitten style (trash kitten phrase originally from my sister!). She eventually wanted to make her own make up, and the idea for Sugarpill was born.

After years of refining her brand, the internet make up community waited with bated breath, absolutely confident that she could pull it off, and boy, did she ever! Focusing on pressed and loose eye shadows, she gave the crowds what they were waiting for. True colour, little fallout and velvety blending, a top rated instant classic that belied its humble origins.

I know, I know - I'm gushing a little lot. But it was hard not to be caught up in it all, revelling in the success of what Amy worked so hard for. I enjoyed watching the many, many reviews, the tutorials, the praise. But every time I went to buy some for myself, I paused. And realised I still had a new flat to fill. Or that a bill was due. Eventually, yeah, I stopped caring and figured, "screw it, you only live once!"

Still, I was sensible - and only ordered two loose shadows Paperdoll and Tiara. They came promptly, for an overseas delivery, and well packaged, with the now familiar personal note from Amy, thanking me for my purchase. I love them completely, but have been a bit of a silly bugger and left them at my friends house so I can't show you the swatches *sigh* 

But you see, once I got them, I couldn't NOT get anything else, could I? :D

So, I ordered the Burning Heart palette, Midori, and Tako.

Sorry, in advance, for the p*ss poor quality of the photos, I'm using Gof's phone!

no primer

over UDPP

 Like I said, my camera ain't all that. But even so, I'm impressed with how vivid the colours still show up. Given how pale I am, I'm surprised even a little of Tako showed up at all! Rest assured, when I get a better quality camera, I'll be updating the pictures.

All in all, I'm absolutely overjoyed with my purchases. It's all amazing quality, and Amy has shown her homework, offering much more bang for your buck. The website is beautiful and easy to use, ALL of her products are cruelty free, and if you prefer buying vegan products, it clearly states which are you friendly!  Delivery prices are very reasonable for the speed and efficiency, and both purchases came with a Sugarpill logo sticker which is super sparkly, (one of which is on this laptop and the other on my bathroom mirror to remind me to always be Addicted To The Pretty!) and business cards, which I've very helpfully *tidied away* (I'm hopeless, I know it). With my second purchase, I even got a sample size of what'll now be in my next order, loose eye shadow,  Goldilux. How's that for customer service!

I predict many a happy hour playing with my new colours, and ordering more as soon as money permits (I'm looking at you Royal Sugar!)

And for you sports fans, here's the stats (in US dollars as $ to £ changes almost daily!)

Single pressed shadow (such as midori) - 4g per pot - $12.00
Loose shadow (review later) - 5g per pot - $12.00
4 colour palette, like Burning Heart, 4g per pot - $34 per palette (a saving of $14!)

MAC eye shadows run to £11.50 for 1.5g, and right now the currency calculator is telling me $12 is £7.54.

£11.50 for 1.5g
£7.54 for 4g

Come on, it's ain't rocket science!

Ok, I better wrap this up, since my bath is freezing now and I need to beg Gof to be a dear and run me a fresh one :p

Lets just say I'll be covering my home in Sugarpill stickers. I love the colours, the service, the prices - and I hate I waited as long as I did to buy!

Now is the time.

It is ALWAYS time for justice and equality for all.

Not just for America, but for the whole world. Dr Martin Luther King will live forever in the dignity of life and the deeds good people do in the name of peace.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Barry M nail paint review

I'm a big fan of Barry M cosmetics. For colourful and cheap eye shadows, the dazzle dusts are a firm favourite of mine, and have been in my collection for years. Last year, I branched out to the nail paints they sold and although they weren't the best I've ever used, I loved their quirky shades.

The other day, thanks to the almost constant promotions that Boots run for Barry M, I picked up two new paints and a lipgloss. Today, I want to talk about the nail paints.

The truth is, I rarely wear nail polish anymore, given that I'm not allowed to in work (boo!) and it seems pretty pointless to constantly be removing it, it would weaken my nails, and I'm just lazy that way. Unless it's for an important night out, I only really wear it now when I'm on holiday. Or on my toosties. But only when I'm wearing sandals. I'm just lazy that way.

But these new colours are special. So special, in fact, that I refused to take one of the shades off for work and wore gloves instead. (*I work in a supermarket and they provide gloves because my hands are always in the fridges and freezers, but I'd never bothered to wear them til now!)

So, to the nail paints. Since I still don't have a camera, look up the colours "Indigo" and "Berry Ice Cream" on their website (link direct to the nail paint section).

Indigo is a fantastic blueish purple, and sits quite apart from the usual dark purples I wear in the best possible way. After 2 coats over a clear base, the colour was vivid, smooth and surprisingly shiny. I didn't even bother with the top coat, although in hindsight I wish I did since it did chip fairly quickly - these hands shouldn't have to do dishes! I took it off using Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover, the moisturising one with Aloe Vera, which has served me well over the years, but I was left with a little staining around the edges, obviously my base wasn't applied properly.

Berry Ice Cream just screamed Lady GaGa to me. Don't ask, don't know why. But I love it. It's a light lavender colour, and again, two coats over a base it is smooth, but almost matte without a top coat. There is a sort of shine to it, but it's subdued. I'm also happy to report that a day after the application, I broke a nail (well, I'm not happy about that!), and after a quick file down to take away the ragged edges, it didn't and still hasn't chipped. Yup, this is the one I refuse to take off. So I'll have to update you on ease of removal, but given it's light colour I think at the very least it's be less noticeable if any remained.

Overall, I love my two new additions. For £2.99, they're an absolute bargain and even the chipping issue doesn't bug me at that price. There are over 50 colours, some bright, some neon, and some of your more classic shades, so there really is something for everyone! Plus, I just noticed their new product, Instant Nail Effects, priced £3.99, so I'll be checking that out too.

Check them out, if you haven't already! And if you have, what's your opinion on them?

*Barry M don't know me. Like, at all. I don't shop at their website (too dangerous man!) so I'm assuming they don't even get to see my cash or bank details. That goes to Boots. See my policy page for more info on reviews*

Sunday, 2 January 2011

So, to business.

Like I said before, I want this blog to reflect what I am passionate about. Part of what made me quit blogging so much on my last blog is the fact I wanted to show people my world, and I couldn't. My camera has long since disappeared of the face of the earth, and even my phone camera is broken. (I'm a klutz!)

I've seen my home change from an empty shell to a place of comfort and care, and even though there's still aways to go, I'm proud of what we've achieved so far. I just wish I was able to record the progress.

Also, I realised I'm more inclined to bake, and try out new make up and hair styles if I could record the process for study, and to show whomever reads me.

So, I've twisted my Love's arm enough to convince him we should get a new camera! With the January sales, I figure we could get a great deal, and I've swore not to lose it. (disclaimer - I don't know how it went missing or who lost it, but I'll take responsibility if it gets me a new camera!) I don't need anything fancy, but I'd like a blog-friendly point-and-shoot. 

So here we go, I've narrowed it down to these 2 cameras.


Why? Well, basically, I think it looks how a camera should look! I know I don't need 12mp if I'm only really using it for online images, but I like that I have the option there to print photos out and they'll be great quality. The screen on the back, based on when I played with it instore, is clear and fast at picking up changes in light and balancing it out. The only real con, to me, is that since it's a "real" camera it would be bulky to carry around, so I wouldn't be taking it on club nights out for fun candids. The fact it only takes AA batteries and not a battery is somewhat of *maybe* issue, I'm not sure how long those would last or if it would infuriate me by dying often.


The best camera phone I ever had was a Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot. Hell, it was the best camera I ever had, one I just happened to be able to call and text from. I like the sleek design, and the face and smile detection feature. Again, it's not all important about the mp, but 14.1 is nothing to sniff at either. I know I'd feel more comfortable taking this out to gigs and such. My only gripe is the optical zoom isn't as great as the Fujifilm, but for what I'd be using it for, I don't think it's too great a loss.

It's a tie, so far. I do love them both. But if I want to get this blog started properly, I'm going to have to make a choice. I'll let you know how it goes!

(*another, proper disclaimer - Sony and Fujifilm have no idea who I am or that I want to buy their products. The images of the cameras come from and they have no idea I exist either.)