Monday, 17 January 2011


I'm currently typing this with a hot bath waiting for me and beautiful colours swatched up both my arms. I'm knackered and want to get clean and cosy and read some until I pass out.

But first, I wanna show off a little.

A couple of weeks ago I finally placed an order to Sugarpill - a company I've heard nothing but fantastic things about, in terms of customer service, prices, and mostly importantly the supreme quality of product.

For those not in the know, as it were, Sugarpill was created by the lovely Amy, who has been a fun and all round awesome presence on the tinterwebs for a zillion web years, creating deliciously loud and sexy clothes from vintage threads, trading under the name of Shrinkle, and selling Kryolan as the perfect partner to her trash kitten style (trash kitten phrase originally from my sister!). She eventually wanted to make her own make up, and the idea for Sugarpill was born.

After years of refining her brand, the internet make up community waited with bated breath, absolutely confident that she could pull it off, and boy, did she ever! Focusing on pressed and loose eye shadows, she gave the crowds what they were waiting for. True colour, little fallout and velvety blending, a top rated instant classic that belied its humble origins.

I know, I know - I'm gushing a little lot. But it was hard not to be caught up in it all, revelling in the success of what Amy worked so hard for. I enjoyed watching the many, many reviews, the tutorials, the praise. But every time I went to buy some for myself, I paused. And realised I still had a new flat to fill. Or that a bill was due. Eventually, yeah, I stopped caring and figured, "screw it, you only live once!"

Still, I was sensible - and only ordered two loose shadows Paperdoll and Tiara. They came promptly, for an overseas delivery, and well packaged, with the now familiar personal note from Amy, thanking me for my purchase. I love them completely, but have been a bit of a silly bugger and left them at my friends house so I can't show you the swatches *sigh* 

But you see, once I got them, I couldn't NOT get anything else, could I? :D

So, I ordered the Burning Heart palette, Midori, and Tako.

Sorry, in advance, for the p*ss poor quality of the photos, I'm using Gof's phone!

no primer

over UDPP

 Like I said, my camera ain't all that. But even so, I'm impressed with how vivid the colours still show up. Given how pale I am, I'm surprised even a little of Tako showed up at all! Rest assured, when I get a better quality camera, I'll be updating the pictures.

All in all, I'm absolutely overjoyed with my purchases. It's all amazing quality, and Amy has shown her homework, offering much more bang for your buck. The website is beautiful and easy to use, ALL of her products are cruelty free, and if you prefer buying vegan products, it clearly states which are you friendly!  Delivery prices are very reasonable for the speed and efficiency, and both purchases came with a Sugarpill logo sticker which is super sparkly, (one of which is on this laptop and the other on my bathroom mirror to remind me to always be Addicted To The Pretty!) and business cards, which I've very helpfully *tidied away* (I'm hopeless, I know it). With my second purchase, I even got a sample size of what'll now be in my next order, loose eye shadow,  Goldilux. How's that for customer service!

I predict many a happy hour playing with my new colours, and ordering more as soon as money permits (I'm looking at you Royal Sugar!)

And for you sports fans, here's the stats (in US dollars as $ to £ changes almost daily!)

Single pressed shadow (such as midori) - 4g per pot - $12.00
Loose shadow (review later) - 5g per pot - $12.00
4 colour palette, like Burning Heart, 4g per pot - $34 per palette (a saving of $14!)

MAC eye shadows run to £11.50 for 1.5g, and right now the currency calculator is telling me $12 is £7.54.

£11.50 for 1.5g
£7.54 for 4g

Come on, it's ain't rocket science!

Ok, I better wrap this up, since my bath is freezing now and I need to beg Gof to be a dear and run me a fresh one :p

Lets just say I'll be covering my home in Sugarpill stickers. I love the colours, the service, the prices - and I hate I waited as long as I did to buy!

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