Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OOTD - twofold!

What a difference a weekend makes. This Sunday seen me go to the Rob Zombie gig (which, by the way, was AWESOME!), so I went a bit mental with my make up, hair and outfit. Then, come today (Tuesday), I had a job interview, for a job I would adore, so I Joan'd it up a little, hoping my retro look would let me stand out from the other applicants. Time will tell!

If this wasn't me though, I'd have trouble believing this was the same person!

Hat - Vintage (and borrowed!)
Dress - Asda, oddly enough!
Mesh top - Hellfire, a million years ago!
Corset - no label
Shoes - Rocket Dog (and comfy!)

Glasses - Red Or Dead
Dress - BHS
Shoes - New Look

I love that I'm gothing it up one day and channelling Joan Holloway (never Harris!! grr) the next - or rather two day, if you want to be pedantic :P

Life's a catwalk when you decide to have fun with style :D

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