Thursday, 3 February 2011

Snapshots from Wales

I'm visiting my family in Wales this week. For the first time, properly, since Christmas 2009, that me, Lynzi and Jaime Leigh as well as Mama have been together. See, Lynzi and my mum live here, in South Wales  while I live in Glasgow and Jaime Leigh is in nearby (to me) Paisley. It's been difficult to make plans to get together, but when Mama underwent an operation last November we pulled together and we managed to be here, albeit for 3 full days, but we got it done. This time though, it's all fun!

After all that, the morning after there was only one thing to do - cover the truth with LOTS OF MAKE-UP! 

Today me, Mama and Livvy Loo went for a drive, and visited Ogmore Castle...

...and Southerndown Beach

I've taken much much more pictures, but I'm not being one of those "look at my holiday snaps" kinda person. I'm not. Honest.

*Disclaimer - I can't promise no more pictures. Both my family and Wales are too beautiful. I need to get permission from my sister to post pictures of Thomas Jack & Olivia - and then it's free season!

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