Monday, 7 March 2011

Quick vid!

And yes, I am wearing a Goonies tee. I rule.

For anyone who CAN'T ACTUALLY HEAR ME - I'm talking about Superdrug's new line, MUA (Make Up Academy). The entire range is £1 per item (or in my head, one dollah!) and I'm talking eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, nail polish, yada yada. The lot. So far, I've only picked up the 3 shadows, but I done a quick swatch instore of some lipsticks, they were pretty, but they wiped away with no effort. Maybe some lipcoat would seal them though. Anyway, I took some pictures too. These are also without primer, because my toes have only just warmed up so I'm not going to the bathroom for my primer. And I'm lazy. I would say that the shadows are quite crumbly, I needed to tap off quite a bit off my brush and still had a little fall out. Also, without primer, they fade fairly quickly, but that might not concern people who don't wear as bright as I do. The green shade, (5) is very pretty, and even faded leaves a subtle shimmer that is quite lovely.

On with the pictures!

l-r Shade 5 pearl, shade 20 matt(e), shade 18 matt(e)

UPDATE - 8/3/11 17.36

My purple pot (18) has already crumbled in the pan. Not quite sure what happened, but I'm thinking of grinding it into loose powder and using it like that instead. 

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