Saturday, 26 March 2011

New beginnings...

I've started a new blog here for my new business. You'll notice that this blog is no longer called "Coffee & Tease", although the address is still the same. You see, I want to start a cafe. I want to serve coffee and tea and work as hard as I do when I work for someone else. For me. Well, for us. Gof wants to do this too. But for now, we're starting slow. To build our brand, I will be starting to sell our cakes, well, wherever I can! Craft fairs, burly events, private parties - you name it, I'll attempt to be there to stuff you with coffee, tea, and cake! All the great things in life :D

I'll still be using this blog as my personal one, but be sure to check out Coffee & Hot Tease for all our news! We also have a facebook page here if you wanna hit the *like* button, I won't mind, honest!

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