Saturday, 11 June 2011

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A new start.
I lost my camera. Well, I left it at a friends and I’ve not got it back yet and that was my excuse for not posting. Then it was laziness, a feeling of, why bother? But I’ve come to realise I shouldn’t use any excuse NOT to do something, but to use every excuse to ALWAYS try. 
So I’m putting myself back on here. I’ll be damned if the only thing I’m consistent in is giving up.
Yesterday I went to a physiotherapist about my back. She seemed more than slightly amazed that I was so flexible (for a fat chick). I know my main problem regarding my back is I ignore the pain to get the job done, push through it, and end up in soul crushing agony for days. Can’t do that anymore. So I have a new exercise routine and someone irl to answer to if I don’t at least attempt to stick to it. Thankfully, it still involves the Wii. 
So, the plan is;
  • 20 mins of cross trainer spread over the day in 5 min sessions
  • yoga poses I should work on, like sun salutation, the warrior, and the sphinx. Nice basic ones, for now.
  • an hours power walking a day, cut into manageable sessions, like 20 mins a time.
  • my (should be usual) 30 mins of Wii Fit Plus.
We review in a fortnight.
I also went to my doctor, who took blood to make sure I don’t have any underlying causes to my weight gain. We weighed me, and I am actually shocked. I’m hitting 15 stone. At my healthiest I was 9st 11oz. I’m carrying 5 extra stone. I’m disgusted with myself, and it’ll be a damn big reason to why my back is so bad.
So, full disclosure. No more hiding the embarrassing stuff.
Here goes nothing!

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