Thursday, 9 June 2011

2 in one day!

Lucky you, eh?

So, any regular readers will know I CONSTANTLY go on about how this time I'm determined to lose weight.

Funny thing is, I'm all full of vim and vigour for, ummmm, three days maybe? Then before I know it I'm stuffing my face with crisps and I haven't moved from the sofa in a week.

I suck at sticking to a goal.

So I've joined a facebook group called Operation Boudicca: One woman's quest to look like a Warrior Queen in the hopes that trying to lose weight and get fitter while talking to like minded women about it.

The truth is, I can't afford the gym. I eat when I'm bored. I don't exercise half as much as I should. I'm low on energy and I want to sleep all the time. I know I need to push through the energy lull to actually get more energy. I'd rather focus on getting fit than losing weight, but I also want to slim down my legs, my back and although my belly has always been on the chubby side, I'd like to get back into my size 12's.

Here goes nothing!

***And if I could end up looking like Christina Hendricks, that'd be just... ace***

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