Thursday, 7 July 2011


about the NOTW thing... to be honest, I think the innocent employees are being thrown to the dogs, so the real guilty parties can hide behind the scandal of the paper being closed down. At first thought I figured the closure was a good thing, before realising what it meant for the majority of the employees of the paper. How long before the celebration of what, at first look is a victory, turns into outrage for the people who have just been unceremoniously dumped? 

Will the people who authorised the hacking be truly punished? Probably not. And yet thousands of people have just lost their jobs in an country of mass unemployment. I've been looking for a job since January without luck, and like it or not, people who work(ed) for this paper will no doubt be tainted as a bad choice no matter how innocent they are of any wrongdoing. 

I don't think closing down the News Of The World is a huge loss to News International as a business. Yes, they're closing a national institution, whether you agree with its views or not - but the paper doesn't make up a huge part of the company. James Murdoch will just walk into another job, which will probably be kept quiet  in the worst kind of nepotism. I mean, do you really think daddy's boy will be punished? I doubt he'll even face criminal charges, although he should.

No, this stinks of a stunt, something to keep the public talking about the paper while behind the scenes Rupert Murdoch's main concern is acquiring BSkyB. Like a baby being distracted with a toy when they're about to receive a jab, they hope the public will be too busy screaming about the very real injustices of this whole debacle. If I were a more cynical person, I'd be inclined to believe they actually welcomed this scandal as a great distraction while they attempt to monopolise the ACTUAL news of the world. 

Another reason to hate Murdoch.

Stop him from getting his dirty hands on our free press

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