Sunday, 22 May 2011

What I did the day after the Rapture.

Woke up. Demanded coffee.

Drank said coffee.

Woke up.

Realised the world hadn't ended.

Went, "meh".

Played Fallout: New Vegas. I may as well get the practice in for when the world actually does end.


Currently watching the BAFTAS.

About to make cake.

I have my family here, my sister Lyndsay, brother-in-law Alan not in the picture and nephew and niece Thomas Jack and Olivia, since they were going to Alan's brother's wedding and decided to make a holiday of it. It's been... busy! They're here for another week, and I intend to get my sisters all out together and get bladdered merry.

I realised I've not blogged in a while. I'm not promising to rectify that, because when I do I don't, but I will try. Honest.

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